Meet Jackie

My name is Jackie Brown, CEO of Heart Full of Shine. Some call me J. Boogie, but now I'm known as Jackie The Jeweler. I've been married 23 yrs. I have 2 grown children, four 'Grand Divas' and 1 'Grand Prince'. The reason I became a Paparazzi Consultant is because of tax purposes and to become debt free. I've been a consultant since March 26, 2018.

In the middle of being an Independent Consultant, my WHY totally changed on July 4, 2020 when my son was an innocent bystander and was shot 3 times. HE SURVIVED!!! Now I know you're wondering WHY did my WHY change?! Being with this company, it has really shown me that its more than just $5 jewelry, its MORE than just having a business, its a FAMILY!!!! The outpouring LOVE and support during this time was out of this world!!! It’s not often you find a job and/or career that brings you joy. I didn't imagine I would enjoy Paparazzi as much as I do. I'm empowered, motivated, determined, and energized by my business and the Paparazzi family. I want to share this experience with others who would benefit and develop as an entrepreneur.

Why should you join my team?

First, I would like to start off by saying, IF you do your research about Paparazzi you will find that they’re a DEBT free company! You will not find too many direct sales companies that’s DEBT free. During my Paparazzi journey, my small team has conquered some HUGE things in Paparazzi. Quality over quantity is always a winner.

  • Joined Paparazzi in March 2018
  • Ranked to Director in Sept 2018
  • Ranked to Premier Director August 2019
  • Ranked to Executive Director March 2020
  • Ranked to Producer May 2020 (Current Rank)
  • We are a small team of 79 spread out across the U.S.

Why should you partner with me? Because I will help you get acclimated as well as help you set up your business initially. I will also train you how to make money in the business, where to sell and how to sell the jewelry. Our team help/assist one another, we love on one another, we cry and laugh together. I have one AMAZING team and I have the PINK PRINT for you, all you have to do is execute the plan.

My team name is Destined To REIGN!